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We are very open for any gender, nationality, culture and background to work together as one team.

Support Mother is one of our recruiting theme so that we have some precious employees who are raising their kids in parallel with contribution to us.


We are very flexible for our members to respect their work life balance

☑ flex time ( any time to come to the office until 10:00)
☑possible to work for short hours
☑kids room in the office

Message from Ruhi Arora, our Talent Acquisition Manager

Japan Myanmar Staffing

I’m a working mom with a career of around ten years in HR industry along with six years of experience in parenting two amazing kids. I started working when I was 18 and have achieved levels of success on a staircase.

 When we had our first child and we relocated from India to Myanmar for my spouse’s new job in a leading telecom company, I had no other option but to give up my prospective career and take care of my family responsibilities. Later we had our second child and I got too indulged with raising up my kids well. Though I loved every bit of being a mother, however somewhere deep inside, I missed being myself. To quit working was a nightmare for me and on the other hand, looking at my family brings me eternal happiness. So to make myself feel complete, I have always known that I need to start working and build my career once again from where I left off.

 After a gap of around 4 years, when my younger kid starts going to school, I took it as an opportunity to restart my leftover career. I have always known that this would going to be difficult and I never wanted my little kids to get impacted even a bit.

One fortunate day, I saw this advertisement on Facebook about the opportunity for a working mother with flexible and part time option and can even bring kids to work. And this post was from none other than, but LTI Staffing Co. Ltd. After reading it, I felt as it’s a best tailored fit that I have always been looking for. Fortunately, I got selected and joined Lan Thit as Talent Acquisition Manager in June 2019.

 I am passionate about Talent Acquisition and working with Lan Thit made it possible yet again. I feel fortunate and consider it as my social responsibility assisting others to get a job and earn for their living.

 Lan Thit strives to create a best working experience for all its employees including the valued mothers. With such a positive, cohesive and flexible work environment, I managed to juggle so well between my work and home. I feel truly myself and motivated once again. Being a mother is a wonderful experience and it enhances so many qualities within a person like leadership, time management, multi-tasking etc. It made me a better professional and being a professional, made me a better mother.

 My colleagues and management have always been so supportive and strengthened my passion to continue working. They have always helped me attaining a better work life balance.

I won’t say that it will be easy, one has to face so many challenges, managing situations ensuring not to hamper both your work and children. When it appears that mother is working and managing everything else too in a decent manner, it’s not just her, but the support and understanding of her family, colleagues and management behind it. To be able to work again has added a new meaning to my life. The most important factor is to learn the balancing act. I have learned to live every moment of it and to embrace the misbalances too at times.

My experience with Lan Thit has been so fulfilling. I have never seen a management so compassionate and understand with full of positive reinforcement. I am really thankful to this company for giving me this wonderful opportunity to pursue my dreams back again.


Ruhi Arora

Talent Acquisition Manager

LTI Staffing Co., Ltd.