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Most Important Soft Skills for Project Managers

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1. Leadership
It is important to understand how teams work, and what the characteristics of a good team are.Before working on a particular project, tasks and goals should be clearly defined and understood by everyone on the team.

2. Motivation
Being able to motivate others is a core function.Everyone has motivational forces inside them, and it is important to understand what those are for each team member so as to tap into that and influence their behavior in a positive way.

3. Communication
Transparent project managers will have employees who feel more comfortable about opening up to the manager about their concerns, issues and constructive suggestions.

4. Conflict Management
Implementing conflict resolution strategies helps make effective leadership easier during difficult moments for the team.

5. Decision Making
Managers should always consider how others will be affected.Generally, team members are more likely to trust a project manager who makes sound decisions by defining problems clearly, brainstorming solutions, exploring the advantages and disadvantages of the various options and bringing together the people needed to implement a solution.