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How to Adjust to Working Remotely with Kids

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Creating a schedule for yourself will help you maintain a sense of normalcy while working remotely.

  • Prepare for the day: Set your alarm each day and make time to exercise, shower, get dressed and be ready to start your day.
  • Schedule your work time: Make sure to set a schedule for yourself so, your team knows when you’ll be available and you know when it’s time to log off for the day.
  • Connect with your team: Stay connected with your team and continue to cultivate relationships. Stay connected through things like instant messages, email or phone calls and act as a support system for each other. Communication is key while working from home.

Minimize distractions

One of the biggest distractions can be children at home. Here are tips for each age group and how to help minimize distractions:

  • For infants and small children: Create a safe play zone near your work space so you can keep an eye on them while you work.
  • For older kids: Have them use headphones if they’re using their phone for entertainment. Create an activity schedule to help with boredom.
  • Talk to older children about work-space boundaries. This can help you get work done while still letting them know that you are there for them when they need you.

Create a routine for your family

Families need routines during this unprecedented time as well.

  • Define lunch and snack times: Try to prepare healthy snack and meal options ahead of time to allow kids to ensure proper nutrition, allow kids to be self-sufficient and to maximize your time.
  • Stay active: Make sure kids have time to do fun things, but let them pick their own activities so they don’t get bored. Physical activities are a great way to keep them entertained and active. Limit screen time, or try to use screen time as a learning activity.

Create a productive work space

It is important to create a space where you can work undistracted. This space should have a comfortable place to sit or stand, with a table or desk, and a power outlet. Don’t forget that good lighting is also important.

Practice self-care

It’s hard to take care of others without taking care of yourself first.

  • Stand up and stretch every hour.
  • Keep a positive attitude. While working at home can feel isolating, try to appreciate some of the benefits of remote work, including no commute and more free time with your family.