Masatora(tiger) Kanai

【brief history】

2012: graduate International Christian University

2012: Work as consultant/sales for Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.

2018: Work as CEO for Lan Thit Innovation co.,Ltd

2019: found LTI Staffing co.,Ltd


Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by the global spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and our sincere gratitude goes to the many people around the world, including medical professionals and frontline workers, who are working tirelessly to prevent further transmission of the disease.

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered two forms of behavioral change: one temporary, and the other a complete, permanent transformation. Individuals and enterprises have been forced to adapt their ways of life to a socially distanced world. To curtail the spread of COVID-19, people are temporarily avoiding crowded spaces and close contact, and enterprises are adjusting their businesses in response.

These changes are building toward a larger structural transformation. Social distancing and the prioritizing it necessitates have eliminated many of the inefficiencies caused by habits and traditional ways of thinking, accelerating societal changes that herald a new way of living.

Work style innovations are one such indication of lasting change. In the face of various restrictions such as shelter in place orders, many enterprises have transitioned to fully remote operations. This change has brought to light many of the inefficient practices that are deeply ingrained in our work culture. To be successful, enterprises have had to fundamentally reconsider the values that underpin traditional ways of working, such as the importance of being physically present in an office and equating time spent working with performance.

Our Company has implemented various work style innovations over the years. Many of our employees already work remotely. This structure has allowed our businesses to continue operating during the pandemic without major disruption.

Masatora (tiger) Kanai

CEO of LTI Staffing co.,Ltd , Lan Thit Innovation co.,Ltd